Mary Sebastian
Where Possibilities are endless...

The space, the beauty, the freedom . . . welcome to Texas.
The largest state in the continental United States, Texas is bounded by Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, the Gulf of Mexico, and New Mexico

True to its roots, but always looking forward, both old and new industries are strong in TexasTexas manufactures an enormous variety of traditional products, but the development and manufacture of electronic equipment, such as computers, has in recent decades become one of the state's leading industries.  The area around Dallas-Fort Worth has become known as “Silicon Prairie,” a name that now also extends to Austin and its suburbs. 

Agriculturally, Texas is one of the most important states in the country. It easily leads the nation in producing cattle, cotton, and cottonseed. Texas also has more farms, farmland, sheep, and lambs than any other state.

Rich in culture, vast in opportunity, and endless in possibility, Texas is . . . home.